Is outsourcing, the new way of colonization?

Everyone know what’s outsourcing is all about – hiring a firm to perform a function more cheaply or efficiently than a company can do.  For example, IT and telephone call centres have been outsourced to India and manufacturing has been outsourced to other Asian countries. When we are part of it and its happening big time, from IT to agriculture. The rich governments having poor/infertile landscapes such as Saudi Arabia, China and Kuwait, have leased or purchased huge amounts of land from the governments of land rich but capital poor African and Asian countries. However,  people say its globalization, one world and all; really! I doubt. And there is a new concept these days, multilevel outsourcing. Hope you know what’s multilevel outsourcing. I don’t see any difference in colonization and this degree of outsourcing. Its a late realization for me. Think over it and drop me a comment/critic so that I can complete this post with more sense.

Meanwhile, this video gives a fair understanding on how rich countries are still exploiting the poor ones.

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